Kink Doctor

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    The Kink Doctor Pilot (46:43)

    Kink Doctor is a talk show web series that gives an intimate look into the world of kink/BDSM. Fun and entertaining, educational but not overly didactic, Kink Doctor normalizes and universalizes kink, and clarifies common misconceptions of BDSM. Each episode focuses on a kink-identified person with a story to tell about the impact kink has made on their life. In the pilot episode, KD and Bastard Keith have a conversation with Domina Dia Dynasty about transformational domination, coming out of the kink closet, erotic humiliation, good vs bad shame, among many other kinky things.

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    Kink Doctor S01E01 Pilot Trailer (3:05)

    KD and Bastard Keith have a conversation with Domina Dia Dynasty about transformational domination, coming out of the kink closet, erotic humiliation, good vs bad shame, and many, many other kinky things. The full episode is now available!

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    KD’s Grandma’s Take on the Pilot (2:57)

    KD's 93-year-old grandma's take on the Kink Doctor pilot.

Meet KD

Meet Kink Doctor

Kink Doctor (KD) is also known as Dulcinea Pitagora, a queer/poly/kink-identified, female-bodied, gender fluid/non-binary, licensed psychotherapist and sex therapist practicing in New York City. KD’s practice focuses on providing affirmative, sex positive therapy to those with atypical sexual and gender expressions and identifications as well as relationship structures. KD has also been a member of and mentor in the NYC kink scene for over a decade, and formerly worked as a professional dominatrix.

KD holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology from the New School for Social Research, a Master of Social Work (MSW) from New York University, a Master of Education (MEd) and a Doctoral degree (PhD) in clinical sexology from Widener University, and is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST). KD is an adjunct professor of sexual health at New York University. KD is often quoted in the press as an expert in BDSM and sexuality (see below); has published articles in peer-reviewed journals (see below); and has presented at conferences on the topics of alternative sexuality and gender diversity. Pitagora conducts research, lectures, and seminars pertaining to these communities; is the founder of, an alternative lifestyle affirmative provider listing; and is a co-organizer of the AltSex NYC Conference and Sexuality Speaker Series.

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KD talks to EJ Johnson about gender identity on the E! reality TV show, EJNYC.


KD is quoted by Tracey Anne Duncan in her Mic article on the importance of being vocal about triggers in order to have good sex after trauma:

KD is interviewed by Tracey Anne Duncan for her Mic article on the recent findings in research on sexting:

KD talks about sex magick and medical marijuana on Domina Dia Dynasty’s and Sophie Saint Thomas’s fantastic SexWeedMagick podcast:

KD is quoted in Tracey Anne Duncan’s article for Mic about non-binary sex toys and sexuality:

KD speaks with Tracey Anne Duncan for Mic about the ins and outs of ethical sexual exploration:

KD tells Erika W. Smith about the importance of properly storying sex toys in her article for Refinery29:

KD speaks with Tracey Anne Duncan for Mic again, this time about the realness of post-Pride depression:

KD and Tracey Anne Duncan talk about disclosing kinkiness, erotic asphyxiation, the being redundant and obvious about consent for Mic:

KD and their former colleague Justine Cross spoke with Carrie Weisman for her FatherlyHQ article on BDSM for beginners:

KD’s spoke with Dr. Timaree Schmidt on Sex with Timaree (Podcast Edition) about their research on straight men who enjoy receiving anal sex, how annoying IRBs can be, among many other things:

KD’s input on “Best Sex Advice for a Healthy Sex Life” is included in‘s Expert Roundup:

KD was interviewed in this entertaining and informative article for Bedsider on the what, why, how, and when of opening up your relationship:

KD was asked to contribute thoughts for this piece on the potential plights and pleasures of auto-fellatio by Mark Hay for Men’s Health:

KD collaborated with Grant Stoddard on this article for BestLife about SO MANY roleplays and how they can add some spice to your sex life:

KD gave their interpretation of a study’s statistics on who’s having the most sex over age 50 and how in Ian Kerner’s article for CNN:

KD was interviewed for this great article on taking dating sabbaticals by Aly Semigran for Well+Good:

KD is was quoted in a very cute and informative article on spanking by Carolyn Yates for Nylon:

KD has a conversation with Tristan Taormino, the host of Sex Out Loud radio show, about being out as kinky as a therapist, the commonalities between sex work and psychotherapy, and the AltSex NYC Conference, among many other things in this hour long convo:

KD was quoted in this fun article by Carrie Weisman for FatherlyHQ, “How Did “Daddy” Became So Sexual?”:

KD was asked to describe the kinky edge play aspects of deep throating in Carrie Weisman’s article for Men’s Health

KD had a conversation with Grant Stoddard for his Vice piece about the best and worst sex games:

KD was cited alongside Charlie Glickman in another article about anal by Kasandra Brabaw, driving it home once again for Refinery29:

KD was quoted in this article on temperature play by Kasandra Brabaw for Refinery29:

KD had a whole lot of fun talking about the ins and outs of anal with Kasandra Brabaw for Refinery29:

KD was interviewed and quoted by Grant Stoddard in this cleverly written article about the psychosexology of foot fetishists for Vice’s Tonic:

KD gave input along with other sex therapists and experts in Ian Kerner’s CNN article on whether one’s number of sexual partners matters, and why there tend to be inaccurate reporting among genders:

KD was quoted by Kasandra Brabaw for Refinery29 in an article on hook ups that’s good and good for you:

KD is quoted by Grant Stoddard for Vice’s Tonic in what is likely the most eloquently written and entertaining article on scrotal inflation ever published:

KD was interviewed by Shawn Setaro for his Complex piece on FOSTA/SESTA, “Is the War on Sex Work the New War on Drugs?”:

KD has a stimulating conversation with Dr. Zhana Vrangalova and Joe Pardavila on their The Science of Sex podcast about consensual non-consent in BDSM and the difference between kink and abuse, among many, many other things. Another long one, better grab some popcorn:

KD is interviewed at length by Rolf Potts for his Deviate podcast, in which they cover a range of BDSM 101 topics, interspersed with a healthy dose of personal disclosure on KD’s part. It’s an hour plus so get comfy:

KD is quoted in an article Carolyn Yates wrote for Autostraddle about the joys and pitfalls of noisy sex, and how to embrace and/or muffle it:

KD was interviewed and quoted by Kristin Hugo for Newsweek on the devastation that legislation targeting sex workers is already causing:

KD talked about the science of birthday sex in this article Jamie Kravitz wrote for Elite Daily, and revealed whether or not it lives up to the hype:

KD’s first appearance on the Sex 2.0 podcast, in which they discuss kinky sex in all its glorious variety, including good vs bad shame, plus KD comes out of yet another closet:

KD is quoted by Sara Jore-Pivet for French Marie Claire on the pleasure of pain in an article about spanking, “La fessée thérapie ou le lâcher-prise option BDSM”:,1251007.asp

In an interview by Carrie Weisman for FatherlyHQ, KD answers the burning question, “Why do people love to be spanked during sex?”: 

KD talks about the 3 C’s—Communication, Creativity, and Consent—in‘s “Experts Reveal: How to Deal with Incompatible Sex Drives?”:

KD’s two cents on the Cruz porn scandal are quoted in Kate Feldman’s “Ted Cruz and the Mainstream Appeal of Incest Porn” for the New York Daily News:

Break Through Radio Today breaking news: Female tops exist! Taia Hanlin’s”What Americans Are Doing in Bed May Surprise You” includes KD’s take on what’s good and bad about sexuality research:

KD’s perspective on the benefits of spanking in Gigi Engle’s “7 Things You Didn’t Know about Spanking Therapy” for Marie Claire

KD’s response to “Ask a Sexologist: Are women ‘less promiscuous’ than men because of biology, or societal oppression?” in Slutever’s Sex + Love Advice column:

KD’s interview with Dr. Michael Aaron, the author of Psychology Today’s Standard Deviations, on what inspired the creation of Kink Doctor

KD’s conversation with Ignite Intimacy podcast’s Ms. LAH about how KD came to be an alternative sexuality affirmative therapist, and creating shame-free spaces for kink, poly, trans, and LGBQ-identified people:

KD’s perspective on monogamy versus non-monogamy in Ian Kerner’s “Rethinking Monogamy Today” for CNN:

KD’s research team debunks misconceptions about BDSM, and presents findings in“Beyond 50 Shades Darker: Debunking Popular Myths about BDSM” for Psychology Today’s Standard Deviations

KD comments on parenting while kinky in Sophie Saint Thomas’s “How to Stay Kinky After You Have Kids” for VICE Magazine

KD’s conversation with Irish RTÉ2fm Radio’s Chris and Ciara on equal opportunity fluid bonding and other ways that kink can be bonding:

Break Through Radio’s Taia Hanlin quotes KD’s take on the subject of “daddy issues”:

KD’s perspective on tattooing in a kinky context is quoted in Sophie Saint Thomas’ VICE Magazine article, “Meet the Kinky Couples Who Get Turned on by Tattooing Each Other”:

KD’s two cents about how homeless people are all too often desexualized in Taia Hanlin’s Break Through Radio article, “Karma Week: Yes, Homeless People Have Sex Too”:

KD’s perspective on adult breastfeeding (ABF) is quoted in Kellylouise Delaney’s Huffington Post article, “Adult Breastfeeding is More Common than You Think”:

The therapy session that EJ Johnson had with KD on his reality TV show EJNYC was called a must-see moment on E! News:

E! News reports on KD’s conversation with EJ Johnson about his feelings surrounding his gender identity:

KD has a conversation with Jack Irona, the host of The Swinger Lifestyle radio show, about the intersection of kink and swinging, whether sexual addiction is a real thing, and the intellectual side of kink:

KD’s talk on the intersection of kink and poly at the 1st annual AltSex NYC Conference is referenced in Debra Soh’s New York Magazine article, “3 Insights about Kinky and Nonmonogamous Sex”:

GO Magazine proclaims, “The Kink Doctor Is In”:

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Guest Blog Post, “Disclosure and Outness as a Therapist with Intersecting Atypical Identifications”: 

Brad Sagarin references the mechanisms that reinforce consent as outlined in KD’s paper on consent versus coercion in his article for The Guardian, “Never tried BDSM? Go on, it’s good for you”:

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Guest Blog Post, “The BDSM Power Exchange: Subversion, Transcendence, Sexual (R)evolution”:


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